All There is to Know About Insurance Broker License and the Training Process

An insurance broker is an expert who assists businesses to protect their companies through an insurance cover. There are rules and regulations set by which the insurance agents and broker should abide. The brokers have options on the type of insurance to specialize in; commercial auto insurance, general liability insurance, property insurance, etc. To be a professional, one has to undergo insurance broker license training.


Life and health insurance, property and casualty, and adjuster licensing are examples of these options. A life and health insurance license is the first step towards providing life and health insurance coverage as an insurance broker. The property and casualty license enables you to negotiate policies that cover property and casualty to protect people and businesses from losses through accidents, theft, fire, damages, etc. An adjuster insurance broker needs to have entry-level knowledge. Insurance broker license training gives the ability to negotiate policies and provide covers for individuals and businesses.

Degree in Insurance

This is the first step towards becoming an insurance agent. A bachelor’s degree may not be a necessity but is advisable as it gives you an added advantage to land a job with a respectable insurance firm. The degree program provides you with the needed background in the field and in developing business skills.


You can acquire an insurance broker training license through the internship program that is included in the degree program. In this period, your objective is to learn through observation and actual participation in the firm’s activities. If the internship program is not in the school’s program, go out of your way to find one. It is a crucial part of obtaining an insurance broker training license


Application is submitted with the necessary documentation for one to obtain their license. A licensing fee is charged depending on the state or area you intend to practice. Some brokers might manage to get an agent’s license although some states have done away with these and only requires a producer’s license. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority will give you an exam and once you pass, you get your certification and an insurance broker training license.


Finding a job with a brokerage firm after obtaining all your certifications and an insurance license is easy. At first, you might be assigned desk duty which is not as bad as it sounds, and later promoted to field activities. The insurance broker training license is not a complex process, all you need is commitment, hard work, and patience.

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